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Best Fitness Bands in Economical Prices 

The concept of smart fitness bands was first introduced in 2009 and since then people have been amazed by the way fitness trackers have transformed the world. Everyone is now familiar with the smart wearables, these wearables include fitness bands, smart watches, smart clothing, smart jewellery, and even smart implants.

Anyone with a smartphone is familiar with smart wearables and how it can revolutionise the way we use a smartphone.  More people are now replacing conventional watches with smart watches and smart fitness bands.

Everyone is now more aware of their health and they are becoming more aware of the way they are eating and consuming their energy. Most of us can’t afford a personal trainer, which can be quite challenging. Without a personal trainer, it is not only difficult to exercises but also quite challenging to keep track of calorie burn.  For people who can’t afford a personal trainer or feel they don’t want to follow a proper routine to go to the gym because of time, there are other options.

An easy replacement for all this is buying a smart fitness band that will help you stay informed about your health. Help you with workout as well as keep a track of your calorie burn and calorie intake at the same time.

If you know someone who owns a fitness band, they’ll make sure to recommend it to everyone because they have seen results. They will go on and on about the features and how much weight they lost and what they do with their fitness band.

How Accurate Are Smart Fitness Bands? 

In short, if you are wondering if buying a fitness band is actually worth your money, the answer is, yes. It’s worth it and it can change the way you live your life right now.

Right now, in the market, there are so many different fitness brands that are manufacturing fitness bands and smart wearables especially for tracking fitness and health features. These fitness trackers and bands range from the basic Rs. 1000 limit to as much as 60,000 depending on the features and models.

The choice depends on how you see these fitness bands and how much do you want to spend on them. If you see them as an investment to your health, you might see the difference but if you just focus on the budget you might feel it’s just an expensive way to track your health.

Which Fitness Band Is Best?

Most beginners ask about the best fitness band that they should buy. Others, however, just want to add a few new models to their collection.

For beginners who just want a fitness band to explore the specs and know about the features, it is very important to start with budget-friendly options. Few smart fitness, brands offer all the features you are looking for but within your price range. For quality you need to spend more to get the best fitness band with all latest features.

If you are looking for the best cheap fitness trackers that are budget-friendly you need to consider M3 band and M4 band. Features in these bands are amazing and yet you don’t have to spend too much on them. For someone looking to explore the option, these bands are best.

How Do Fitness Bands Work?

Fitness band has been designed for various functions, some bands work more effectively than others but their main function is the same. These fitness bands use sensors and other methods to measure heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, the oxygen level in the blood, etc.

To understand if fitness bands are safe for use, it is important to know how they work. Here is an easy rundown on the working of fitness trackers.

  • Step Counter: Almost all the bands have an accelerometer that measures the pace of the user. It measures the speed, direction, and steps in general.
  • Movement Sensor: Expensive fitness trackers with more features contain movement sensors that detect if a person is lying, running, standing, sitting, etc. these gestures are usually measured by a gyroscope that measures these elaborated gestures by spinning in all directions around a fixed axis.
  • Location Handler: Fitness bands also come with barometer adjustments that measure the overall atmospheric pressure, altitude and even the stairs you have climbed. In addition to this, these fitness bands also come with GPS units for location tracking.
  • Tracking Vitals: Vitals tracking senor is built-in for almost all fitness trackers. These sensors detect skin temperature, heart rate, pulse and even the level of perspiration. Collectively, the pulse rate, oxygen level and heart rate help in determining the exertion of energy.
  • Calorie Count: For fitness freaks and people who want to lose weight, but can’t afford fitness trainers, this features works wonders. Sensors measure heart rate to measure the calorie burn out rate and keep track of weight loss accordingly.
  • Sleep Monitor: Sleep tracker detects the sleep cycle and how well a person has slept. With gentle body movements lying down, being awake, deep sleep as well as light sleep to keep track of body sleep needs.

Is Smart Band Good For Health?

Just like smartphones and other technological devices, most people ask if using a smart fitness band is good for health. As explained above, most of the fitness bands come with built-in sensors. These sensors do not emit any dangerous waves there is no way these sensors can harm anyone.

The only way it can harm anyone is the worst-case scenario where the sensor may heat up enough to gently burn someone. However, this burn will not be severe and the person might not even have a bruise.

How Accurate Are Fitness Bands?

Most buyers are a little skeptical when it comes to the accuracy of fitness bands. Fitness bands are usually seen as a way to stay updated about body changes, however, sometimes it’s not accurate all the time.

Subtle body movements are not detected accurately, especially the sleep cycle. In most cases, sleep sensors are not able to detect if a person is sleeping or awake. Most of the expensive watches are good enough to detect the sleep cycle and blood oxygen level accurately. However, there is always room for improvement.

In some fitness bands, moving your wrist up and down is also detected as step count, however, depending on the price and the company, accuracy can vary.

How Do You Connect Your Fitness Band To Your Phone?

Connecting fitness band to the smartphone is becoming a big issue, especially considering that most users are not aware of how to use a fitness band, to begin with. To make it easier to understand for all, here are two main ways you can connect a fitness band to your phone.

  1. Connect via Bluetooth: The first method is via Bluetooth. You just need to on your Bluetooth on your phone and then on your smart fitness band. Once your phone can detect the Bluetooth of your band, you can simply click to connect and you’ll be able to use it successfully without any issue.
  2. Brand App: However, there is another way of connecting your smartwatch and that is via an app. Every smartwatch brand has their app that is available at google play store. On downloading this app, you can connect and completely control your fitness band without any issue.
  3. Third-Party App: There are third-party apps that can also be used in case you can’t find any app on google play store or if your Bluetooth is not working. These apps are specially designed for connecting band fitness tracker with the smartphone.
Where to Buy Smart Fitness Bands on Budget?

Buying smart bands in Pakistan is quite challenging because most international brands do not have their official outlets. For buying smart bands in Pakistan, it is very important to know about the smart band price in Pakistan. There are best fitness tracker 2020 that are available at affordable prices on sale if you research well about the smart laser band price in Pakistan.

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