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Best Android Smart Watches in Pakistan

Smartwatches are becoming a necessity in today’s digital world. We live in an era where we need to keep up with social media notification, emails, texts and daily meetings at the same time.

Missing a single notification or a call simply means, missing out on a new business opportunity or any important news that might change our life.

Imagine never missing a phone call or text even when you are away from your phone. Now you can just attach your watch with your phone and keep track of everything.

The concept of a mobile watch was introduced mainly for iOS-based phones but with the increasing demand, now there are digital watches specially designed for Android-based phones.

Android phones are user-friendly and they have better features which is the reason smartwatches compatible with android phones are now growing in demand. These Android Smart Watches have better features, a large range of app connectivity and multiple other specs that make them stand out from the rest.

How to find best Android Smart watch?

For someone looking to get a good smartwatch for android, it is very important to know which smart watch is best for android.

Most digital watches are compatible with both android and iOS, these hybrid smart watches have been designed to provide full fitness and health assistance. Also, you can fully handle everything on your own once you attach the watch to your phone.

An ideal smart watch for android needs to be compatible with the phone, must have a fitness tracking system as well as provides proper control over all the apps on the phone. In most cases, smart wearable have very limited features because they are not compatible with the phone, which means that before buying an android digital watch, it’s better to test it completely.

Is every Smartwatch Compatible with Android Phone? 

It is a very common misconception that buying an android digital watch means that you can get any watch that is compatible with android. The main issue is that android smartphones are not just handled by one brand.

Unlike iOS, there are multiple cellphone companies, producing smartphones and as they develop a new model, they come up with another version of android.

What are Different types of Android versions? 

Currently, there are different types of android arranging from android 1.5 to android 9.0. These android types are also given specific names i.e. Android Oreo, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Pie and Cupcake.

So, it is not necessary that every android watch is compatible with your android smartphone, you need to make sure that your smart watch is actually compatible with the version of your android. In some cases, android digital watches are compatible with more than one version, however, it is better to connect the watch before you buy it.

Why some Watches are not Compatible with Android Phones?

In this case mostly people faces two kind of issues, first one there might be some limitations on their smart watch or android phone. Second one, they might not check the product properly before buying. The reason behind this is that although some watches are compatible with more than one version of android. However, they have certain limitations. Some watches through compatible with android, do not allow full access to data, others have limitations to the audio and video. Collectively, all these things make an android user sceptical about the selection process.

Before buying, it’s preferable that the buyer has to test the actual product. Use all features and then also check the usability and features that are required. In most cases, companies mention the specific android version that they support.

In other cases, they don’t work too precisely. To avoid any possible issue later, it is better to check the product before finally making a decision. There are so many online shop where you can buy these Android Smart Watches without draining your budget. Most of the users look for e-commerce stores where you can enjoy online shopping in Pakistan without any extra charges.

How to connect your smartwatch to your phone? 

Now, most people don’t know how to connect a smart wristwatch with a phone.

  • The process is simple and you don’t have to do anything, everything is available on your phone and watch, so the process is quite easy to follow. If you want to connect your phone via Bluetooth, you just need to switch on your Bluetooth.
  • The just turn on the discover-able mode, which means that other devices with Bluetooth will be able to see your device and will be able to connect right away.
  • Once your phone is on discover-able mode, just turn on your smart watch and let it pair with your smart phone. If you just open your phone and in the Bluetooth section just search for the smart watch, which is written in the form of a model of your watch. You can just tap and connect with the help of a code that is usually written under the dial or on the box.

Other Ways of Connecting Smartwatch to Phone

In case you don’t want to connect via Bluetooth, there are other ways you can connect your smart wrist watch with your phone too. You need to download an app that is usually the app that is recommended by your mobile watch brand.

Most android compatible smart wearable companies have their app in the play store, on downloading the app you will have complete access to your android watch features. The app is designed in a way that you will have a complete go through for the features and everything that is required for the user to know.

  • Android Smartwatch for Men: There are multiple smart wrist watches for android users but not all are designed for everyone. The reason behind this is that some watches have been designed for everyone, whereas, others have been designed especially for men. There are many colours and designs available and the features in these smart wristwatches are more diverse. In short, you just need to make sure your phone is compatible and you’ll be able to buy the best android smartwatch in 2020 for men within your budget limit.
  • Android Compatible Smart Watch For Kids: Smart digital watches were once designed only for business professionals, however, now parents are using Android Smart Watches for their own benefits. Just to make it fully customized for kids, companies are now launching android wearable customised for kids with app locks and GPS to track the location at all times. This is one of the major benchmarks so far as parents were trying to take away technology from kids. With the introduction of android watches for kids, things have finally changed for them.
  • Android Watches for Women: Smartwatches were mainly introduced for men, however as time passed, companies divorced that they are missing out on a major chunk of audience. So, now there are android compatible smart wearables that have been specially designed for women. These watches come with extra straps of various colours and extra dial caps. Moreover, there are certain health tracking apps that come with Android Smart Watches that have been designed for women. Overall, now smart wrist watches have also been designed for women just according to their needs.

If you are wondering that your decision of buying a smartwatch is worth it?

Is Smartwatch Worth It?

The answer is simple, yes. Smart digital watch is a new way of replacing expensive personal fitness trainers, health professionals and personal assistants with just one wearable gadget. For someone on a budget trying to figure out an easy alternative of finding a way to stay organised, buying a smartwatch is the best option.

Where to Buy a Smartwatch on Budget? 

Selecting a good smart digital watch is quite a task, so if you are still trying to figure out best android compatible smartwatches within your budget, paksa online shopping store in Pakistan is the best option. We have a broad range of smartwatches with replacement grantee and easy and quick product delivery without any problem.